Home Buying in San Diego

Regardless if it is your first home, an upgrade, or an investment property, buying a home in San Diego is a huge financial decision.

Not All Agents Are Created Equal

Not all agents provide the same service, our goal is to provide the best service from start to finish. We built trust starting with a buyer consult. We go over every step of the process and create a custom plan for you. Before starting your home, search and heading to properties we will make sure you fully understand the pre-approval and lending process. Most home owners now require a buyer to be pre-approved before entering their property. Our verified lenders are also here to walk you through every step of the way from credit repair to fully funding the loan.

When it comes time to start your search and see what’s out there, there are a variety of websites where you can now search homes online. Did you know that these sites are on average three days behind the MLS listing? Searching on an Dean Aguilar Group Site means you have the most up-to-date information available, property lists are updated every 15 minutes.  Searches can be saved, and you are alerted the moment a new home within your criteria comes on the market.

Let Dean Aguilar Group Be Your Guide

Your dream home is within reach! When writing an offer to land your dream home, you will need an aggressive offer that doesn’t blow your budget. Our agents are knowledgeable about market conditions and favorable closing terms to submit a winning offer.

The closing process does not have to be stressful or annoying, but the details do matter. Our agent will be there for every inspection, question asked, and form needed. Other agents have called us nit-picky, but our happy buyers know the truth, we don’t let anything slip through the cracks! Best yet, our team is completely paperless, so we can work where, where, and how you do.

Let our agents do the legwork. We are here to help you find your dream home. You matter, people matter, relationships matter.


We’re Here To Help

We often hear that it’s an intimidating process or someone doesn’t understand the buying process. It’s okay to ask for help, that is why we are here! We understand you might just be beginning your real estate journey, we work with a lot of buyers like you. The first step is understanding that not all Realtors are created equal, interviewing Realtors are part of the process.

Your Dream Home
Is Right Around The Corner

Built upon one simple rule:

People Matter.

On top of traditional real estate agencies, our agents provide more than just open-door services, we collaborate for you.

Unlike traditional brokerages, our agents have access to:

Large Network

The more homes that you can see, the more quickly and likely you will find the home of your dreams! Dean Aguilar Group Agents have access to an extensive list of agents who buy and sell home. If you have a special request or looking for a specific neighborhood, we can put the word out to view homes that fit your exact needs.

Pocket Listings

Being a part of a large network means that Dean Aguilar Group Agents have more access to off market and pocket listings. This means you get the word first before a home “goes live” and can be viewed on third party websites. We offer innovative technology to make sure that you have up to the second information on your search.

Certified Transaction Coordinator

The expert to make sure all t’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. Everything that is submitted with a Dean Aguilar Group agent is compliant protecting you even after the process is complete.

Our customer service base is what sets us apart from other agencies. We will provide all clients with beginning to end services. No matter the market conditions, we will educate and advise you on the buying process and recommend fully vetted partners to ensure you have an elevated experience.

Access to Off Market Properties

Off-market properties are homes that are not publicly listed. To find out about these homes, you need to have a network of Realtors who work together. Having access to off-market properties means that there are less people competing for your dream home and you are also one of the firsts to view when they first become available.

Detailed Reports & Market Data

Real data, real time is the new motto of the real estate industry, it is no longer “location, location, location”! Dean Aguilar Group Agents are equipped with the ability to pull more than “comps” or comparable homes. We evaluate large market trends including interest rates, buyer assistance programs, average time on the market, and equity history.

With this data you will be able to make the most competitive offer, backed by real data, that can save thousands of dollars.

Individual MLS

In addition to receiving a list daily or weekly with homes that fit your criteria, you will have access to explore full MLS as you want when you want.

Experience You Can Trust,
Solutions You Need Most