Located 25 miles to the north/northeast of downtown San Diego and just six miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, the town of Rancho Bernardo sits on the northernmost portion of San Diego. Rancho Bernardo, or “RB” as the locals call it, is tucked above Carmel Mountain Ranch and just west of Poway. This neighborhood is close to everything, but feels miles away.

Rancho Bernardo has a storied past, with its roots stemming all the way back to the Spanish conquistadors that arrived more than two hundred years ago. Its land changed hands a number of times, but in the 1960s finally landed with a developer named Harry Summers who envisioned a self-contained community situated at the base of a valley surrounded by rolling hills and canyons. The first residents moved into Rancho Bernardo in 1963, and the 6,500-acre master-planned community has since evolved into a thriving live-work-play environment.

More than 45,000 people have settled in Rancho Bernardo — many of whom are drawn for the schools. The public schools are part of the Poway Unified School District, which encompasses 25 elementary schools, six middle schools, four high schools and a continuing education high school. The school district is considered among the best in southern California so it comes as no surprise that Rancho Bernardo attracts people looking to settle down and raise a family. As a result, local property taxes are higher than elsewhere in San Diego County, something to consider for those interested in Rancho Bernardo but who do not have school-aged children. (This premium, though, is often recovered as part of the sale down the road, as young families are willing to pay more to gain a foothold in the district.)Bernardo-Winery-450x350 Rancho Bernardo

Other people are attracted to Rancho Bernardo for its vast array of job opportunities. The Rancho Bernardo Business Park is home to the headquarters for Sony USA and contains offices for other major corporations including Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman. Altogether, the 685-acre business park contains more than 50,000 jobs! These all prove for best realtor in Rancho Bernardo.

And others, still, flock to Rancho Bernardo for its bountiful amenities and high quality of life.

In Rancho Bernardo, residents have the best of both worlds. They can escape the hustle and bustle of the big-city, while still being close to all of the amenities a major metro area offers. And despite its suburban character, the community still provides all of the day-to-day conveniences (shopping, retail, outdoor activities) that a person would want without needing to trek downtown. Retail centers include Rancho Bernardo Town Center, Westwood Shopping Center and The Plaza Shopping Center. Golf enthusiasts love it here, with renowned courses that include Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Course, the Oaks North Executive Golf Course, and the Stoneridge and Bernardo Heights country clubs.

Contrary to popular belief, this master-planned community actually offers a wide array of housing choices. Internate-15 runs through Rancho Bernardo, which divides the community into its east and west sides. The east side (zip code 92128) was developed first and has a more mature housing stock. Residents here tend to be older, which attracts people looking for a mellow lifestyle. Meanwhile, the west side (zip code 92127) has been described as the “wild west,” where development still runs rampant. Homes are newer (and often, more expensive). Residents tend to be younger and the lifestyle more active.Bernardo-Winery-450x350 Rancho Bernardo

Across Rancho Bernardo, there is a home to fit almost every need and budget. You can also take help of best realtor in Rancho Bernardo so they can provide you a home according to your budget. The community was originally designed to feature wide streets and several subdivisions. The subdivisions have morphed into individual enclaves, each with their own identity.

First-time homebuyers and empty nesters are often attracted to the condominium and townhome communities in Alameda, Il Palio, Carmel Trails, La Brisas and Provencal – where homes start in the mid-$200k’s and run upwards of $400k. Homes in Seven Oaks and Oaks North Villas offer homes at a similar price point, but these communities are strictly for those aged 55+.

Homes in The Trails, Montelena and Westwood areas tend to be newer than the rest. These neighborhoods, along with many others in San Diego County, were devastated by the Witch Creek Fire in October 2007. Hundreds of houses were destroyed, with those in Rancho Bernardo particularly affected; firefighters had trouble getting to the valley and navigating the rugged terrain. The rapidly advancing flames were pushed by strong Santa Ana winds, and entire neighborhoods were destroyed. As a result, a majority of the housing stock here had to be rebuilt and today, these new homes can range from the low-$600k’s to over $1 million.

That’s about the same price point of the single family homes in neighborhoods like The Greens, The Knolls and Las Floras. Some of these communities are gated and have larger homes with stunning views of the mountains. Smaller, quaint bungalows can also be found at a more modest price point of $500k or so. You can easily contact best realtor in Rancho Bernardo so that they provide most affordable enclaves of single family homes in Carmel Mountain Ranch and High Country West. In these highly sought after neighborhoods, buyers can find three- and four-bedroom homes near schools, shopping and more.

Bernardo-Winery-450x350 Rancho BernardoAnd of course, there are very affluent areas like Fairway Point and increasingly, The Trails. Homes here start at about $900k and can top $1.5 million. These neighborhoods are home to some of the most exclusive properties in all of San Diego, situated along tree-lined streets and overlooking golf courses. Here, buyers place a premium on privacy.

The average Rancho Bernardo home sold for $620,000. This equates to a sale price of $372 per square foot, an increase of 5% compared to the same period last year which put them in the category to be best realtor in Rancho Bernardo.

Although each of the village centers has its own identity, there are a number of amenities that bring together the community as a whole. You’ll catch people mingling over bold reds and fruity whites at the family-owned Bernardo Winery, the oldest operating winery in southern California. Friends gather to fish and hike at Lake Poway and Lake Hodges, both located nearby. Families flock to the world-renowned wild animal park located right here in town. And not to be forgotten, more than 50,000 people attend RB Alive! each summer, Rancho Bernardo’s beloved carnival-style street fair.

It might be a “young” community by American standards, but with so much going on – there’s no question that Rancho Bernardo is a great place to live, raise a family and retire. This dynamic community offers something for everyone.