Winning Multiple Offer Listings

The San Diego real estate market is as hot as ever. Those who are trying to buy home San Diego for themselves will quickly realize how common it is to be competing with dozens of buyers for the same home. In order to seal the deal, you need to make your offer stand out. Otherwise, it is very possible your dream home will slip through your hands right before your eyes.

In this video blog, I share four of my best tips for helping you put together an offer that will grab the attention of the sellers in a multiple-offer situation. Here’s a bit of a teaser of what you’ll learn in this video.

1: Have a great lender working for you. Other people have probably told you about the Buy-Home-San-Diego1-450x300 Winning Multiple Offer Listingsimportance of having a rock star real estate agent, but who you choose for a lender matters just as much.

2: Find a lender before you even start your home search.

3: Get to know this lender well. Tell them about you’re your San Diego area dream home looks like, what you’re interested in buying.

4: Then send them all of the relevant paperwork to get you pre-qualified for a loan. This helps you understand how much you can realistically afford before heading out to tour properties.

Buy-Home-San-Diego1-450x300 Winning Multiple Offer ListingsIt also shows the sellers that you’re serious about buying their San Diego home. It also gives you a competitive advantage if you already know what the terms of your loan will look like, such as what interest rate the bank is willing to give you. The pre-qualification will also give the sellers an idea of how much you plan to put down as a down payment, which reduces some of the lending uncertainty down the road which can happen if you’re not putting down at least 20% or if you plan to use a federal or first-time homebuyer program. There’s nothing worse than getting too far down with a home purchase only to have your deal fall through because you couldn’t get the financing you needed!

If you’re trying to buy home San Diego for you, you need to have a rock solid offer. To learn all four of my tips for winning a bidding war on a San Diego property

If you’re buying a San Diego home, you may find yourself competing against other offers. What can you do to make your offer stand out and win your dream home? Today, I have four tips to help you to buy home San Diego for you do just that. The first step is to work with a great lender; they can contact the listing agent personally and vouch for you as a buyer. To learn all four tips for winning a bidding war on a home, watch this short video.


4 Tips For Sellers

Best-Realtors-San-Diego.png-450x312 4 Tips For SellersIf you are planning to sell your San Diego home, you are in luck. The San Diego’s best realtor know a secret that first-time sellers might not realize: we’re in a sellers’ market and home values are approaching highs that we haven’t seen since before the recession. What should first-time home sellers know before listing their homes on the market? Today, I’d like to share four tips that will help first-time home sellers selling their homes quickly and for more money. For example, be sure to price your home properly from the beginning. An overpriced home may attract lowball offers, or worse, no offers at all from potential buyers.

The economy is booming, interest rates are still near record lows, and people are eager to buy San Diego real estate. But there’s a lack of inventory in the San Diego area so buyers don’t have much to choose from. As a first-time home seller, this puts you in a really good position.

Best-Realtors-San-Diego.png-450x312 4 Tips For SellersBefore you list your San Diego home, you should definitely meet with a number of real estate agents. Interview them and understand how they plan to market and sell your home. Some will promise to sell your home quickly for you – and the truth is, they probably will. But that isn’t necessarily because they are the best realtor, but because we’re in a blazing hot real estate market. So instead of falling for the “sell your San Diego home quick” pitch, look for a realtor who can sell your home fast AND someone who knows how to maximize your home’s value. You want to walk away from the deal with the most money possible.

In today’s video blog, Dean Aguilar shares four tips for first-time home sellers. Dean has nearly two decades of experience in the real estate industry and is regarded as one of the San Diego’s Best Realtor. Learn why pricing your home properly from the beginning is so important. Understand why reaching from the stars may be counterproductive – how it could land you lowball offers, or worse, no offers at all from potential buyers. A novice real estate agent might promise to sell your home for far more than is realistically possible in order to get you to sign a listing agreement with them, but in the end, if the realtor can’t deliver on that promise your home’s value will suffer. Dean shares how to nail the right listing price from the start.

Watch this video for the rest of Dean’s advice. It’s less than four minutes long and could save you thousands of dollars when you go to sell your San Diego home!

Should You List Your Home During The Fall?

Property-management-450x258 Should You List Your Home During The Fall?Thinking of selling your San Diego home this year? You might be panicking, rushing to get your house ready to list for the spring or summer season. Even some of the San Diego Top Real Estate Agents will probably tell you this is the best time to sell your house. What if we were to tell you to relax—take your time and wait until this fall to list your home instead? First-time sellers might think this sounds crazy, but experienced home sellers know this strategy can actually work really well.

What is the best time of year to sell your home? While many people think that spring or summer is the best time to sell their homes, I’d like to give you four reasons why I think that fall is actually a great time to be in the market. First, the 18% increase in pending home sales means that buyer demand is still strong in our area. This, combined with low inventory levels makes the fall the perfect time to list your home for sale.

Realtor Dean Aguilar believes in this approach, too. Dean is one of the San Diego Top Real Estate Agents, selling an average 165 homes per year. He’s been in the industry since 2001 and has seen the ups and downs of the real estate cycle. He knows what it takes to sell a home – no matter what the season!

Property-management-450x258 Should You List Your Home During The Fall?In this video, Dean explains why he thinks the fall is actually a great time to sell your San Diego property.For instance, did you know that there’s less competition in the fall? Most buyers and sellers fall for the myth that they need to find a deal in the spring or summer before the market slows down. So transactions pick up during that time of year, and then sellers start to reconsider their sales strategy once the cooler weather starts to roll in. Many sellers decide to take their properties off the market around September or October with the intention of re-listing the following spring. As a result, inventory dries up in the fall. San Diego is already a market with low inventory. The San Diego Top Real Estate Agents know this creates a major opportunity for sellers!

People are always going to want to buy homes. Even with the school year starting and the holidays right around the corner, there’s still a deep pool of buyers looking for homes in the San Diego area. Selling in the fall allows you to take advantage of the fact that there’s even less competition.

Interested in learning more about the fall real estate market? Watch this short video to hear why one of San Diego’s top realtors believes fall is a great time for homeowners to list their properties.