Lifestyles San Diego visits Taqueria Revolución

In my latest appearance on Lifestyles San Diego, we visit Taqueria Revoluciónv and talk the importance of having authentic food in the community.

Located in the heart of Chula Vista (with more locations across San Diego County), Taqueria Revoluciónv is a very popular choice for real Tijuana street tacos. Their menu is small, only offering 6 different types of tacos. Owner Emilio Tamez explains that if you are going to have a small menu, everything better be perfect. And wow, is it ever!  The Chula Vista community is right next to the border and still very affordable for buyers.

“This area is booming, you get away from Meloo Roos and taxes so this area is more affordable.”

Being right by the border, it is important to have diverse authentic restaurant options. Owner Emilio Tamez explains, “We cook everything on a rotisserie, just like they do in Tijuana. Everything made daily, our first member comes at 1am to start cooking, meats are sourced from the US and never frozen”.

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Lifestyles San Diego with Woodstock Pizza

In Dean’s latest appearance on Lifestyles San Diego, we visit Woodstock Pizza and talk renting, owning and investing in the neighborhood.

Located in the heart of college Area next to San Diego State, Woodstock pizza is a favorite for all Aztec students. Their menu offers healthy options including gluten free options and nitrate free meats. Even the tomatoes in the sauce is picked, canned and shipped within 6 hours of harvest. Best thing yet, “If there is an ingredient you don’t like on your pizza, you can bring your own”.

“Talking Real Estate in the college area, we are finding that more and more parents, by default, are becoming investors.”

Rents for two bedroom condos or homes start around $2000, averaging around $2300. Three, four or five bedroom homes can go as high as $4000 per month. Comparing the cost of living on campus and the benefit of owning and getting in-state tuition, parents are making an additional investment in their children and buying homes.

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Lifestyles San Diego with Karina Mexican Seafood

On my latest appearance on “Lifestyles,” I’m joined by one of the owners David from Karina’s Mexican Seafood

Have you ever been to the famous Karina Mexican Seafood? Don Arnulfo, his wife and six children began 35 years ago what is now a collection of 5 popular restaurants located in Chula Vista, Bonita, National City, Encinitas and San Diego. Day after day legions of loyal customers partake in Karina’s famous Mexican seafood specialties including traditional Shrimp & Tuna Ceviches, Aguachile from Sinaloa, Shrimp Cocktails, Campechanas and Tostadas from the best and freshest seafood available, Huachinango Sarandeado, Siete Mares or their Tia Nacha Taquitos, all prepared with superior quality in mind.

“My agents absolutely love Karina Mexican Seafood”

It was on September 16, 1981, in a small space in Spring Valley, when the late Don Arnulfo Contreras and his wife María Inés Curiel opened the first of many Karina’s restaurants, named in honor of their daughter. A visionary and hard-working Don Arnulfo recognized the desire by many of his fellow immigrants for an authentic establishment offering traditional Mexican cuisine.

“Plan your next party at Karina’s”

Simply entering a Karina’s establishment can be a sensory overload.  Images, color, music, exquisite aromas and warm hospitality are surrounded by traditional Mexican figures, art and culture. Read more about Karina’s Mexican Seafood Here

“Karina’s has a live band every Friday night!”

Sitting Down at the Best Ice Cream Parlor in Kensington

On my latest appearance on “The American Dream,” we’re talking real estate and ice cream at Moosie’s Ice Cream with owner Matt Brady.

I was introduced to Moosie’s last summer when I was visiting my brother, who just happens to live nearby it. Our kids were playing and when they wanted some ice cream, he recommended we go there. The line was huge, but it was well worth the wait. As it turned out, one of my agents actually knew Matt, which prompted me to get in touch with him.

Many people moving into Kensington work in the area Moosie’s is located in—Matt himself walks to Moosie’s every day. There are many eclectic shops in the surrounding neighborhood, which is part of this area’s unique appeal. Moosie’s is a family friendly environment, and kids love it. They switch out their flavors quite often, and their chocolate mousse sauce is Matt’s wife’s own recipe.

“Living here, I knew that was the one thing we really needed here—an ice cream store,” Matt says. “Just a little something you could do with the kids after dinner.”

The ice cream market is obviously hot in Kensington, but what about the real estate?


The ice cream market is hot in Kensington, and so are the real estate prices.


If you’ve owned a home in this area in the past few years, you’ve done well for yourself, as home values have increased 12% year over year. Inventory is low because people who move here tend to stay here. They also keep the housing style much like it was 100 years ago, with a lot of Spanish-influenced architecture.

Matt may be an ice cream parlor owner by night, but by day he’s an architect himself and knows the history of Kensington well. As he says, this neighborhood got started in 1910 and kept developing into the 1930s, and more than a few famous architects designed some of its houses. Today, he describes it as a throwback to a 1950s neighborhood.

“It’s a really special spot.”

Moosie’s contributes to the neighborhood’s family atmosphere by helping residents build lifelong friendships, and Matt is proud to have it act as an integral part of the community.

Being that we were in an ice cream shop, we couldn’t resist having a taste. Check out the video above to get a look at Moosie’s and see what we went with. For more information on Moosie’s, you can visit their website at Moosiesicecream.wordpress.com.

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Why Is Zillow Being Sued & What Does It Mean to You?

Why is Zillow being sued by an Illinois homeowner? What does this mean for you if you’re selling your home?

Zillow has a Zestimate tool in their search feature which gives you their version of what they think your home is worth. Zestimates are based off an algorithm, and this Illinois homeowner claims that her home’s Zestimate devalued it and prevented her from selling it at the price she wanted. Apparently, her home had many things done to it to increase its value, but its Zestimate valued it at much less.

We run into a lot of clients daily who live and breathe by what they see online on Zillow, which is not the best way to get your resources. There is a method to the madness of coming up with an accurate price for your home, and a computer algorithm just doesn’t cut it.


Hire a professional to properly assess your home.


For example, if you’re sick and you visit WebMD, you might get an idea of what’s wrong with you, but you’ll likely go to a doctor to get it fixed. The same logic applies to selling a house. Online websites are a good place to start, but the best thing you can do to get a proper, accurate valuation is call a real estate professional.

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