Check Out My Recent Appearance On “The American Dream”

I’m excited to share my recent appearance on “The American Dream” with you today!

You can see the entire segment in the video above.

I got to start by sharing my story about how I was born just outside of Washington D.C. and worked there on the East Coast before the market downturn. That’s when I moved out to the West Coast and started my family and planted roots.

Selling_and_Buying_in_a_down_market-200x200 Check Out My Recent Appearance On “The American Dream”We also discussed the particular areas that my team operates in, like Rancho Bernardo, which is a family lifestyle area and has a great school system that’s one of the best in the country for Buying Homes. However, it can get difficult. In certain pockets of San Diego, areas with great school systems can have prices that are too high, especially for first-time homebuyers. Rancho Bernardo has a good mix. You can get a condo in the mid to upper $300,000 range or go all the way up to homes priced $1 million or more.

We also discussed the La Mesa area. It’s got the Village, so there are a lot of entertainment options for adults for buying home at reasonable rates, but it’s similar to Rancho Bernardo in that it has great schools and is centrally located. As host Craig Sewing brought up, La Mesa Boulevard has a great small-town feel to it.

Then, we talked a bit about the Chula Vista market, which is an area where we’re seeing a lot of military clientèle want to move to for the Coronado base. VA benefits are great options for veterans looking to buy housing in this area. There are a lot of benefits that many veterans don’t even know about and we love helping them take advantage of them.

Thanks for watching my appearance on “The American Dream!” If you have any questions for me about selling or buying home in the San Diego area, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to help you out.